Sunday, July 13, 2014

Germany vs Argentina Football Finals

2014 World cup Football finals will be played between Germany and Argentina, this will be a great football finals match and certainly not to be missed.

On paper it seems like Germany is stronger because the way they defeated Brazil in the first semi-finals, Argentina is going through some low scoring patch and that reflected in their lucky 2nd semi final win over Netherlands

If Argentina has to match Germany in today's finals then they will have to show some extraordinary form in the football field to overcome the splendid lightening counter attacks of Germany and also the high success corners that they take.

Argentina should also work on their defence.

All the best and watch GER vs ARG Finals live on your favorite TV channel.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

EURO 2012 finals schedule in Poland and Ukraine

As you all know next year we are going to have EURO 2012 football championships being hosted by Poland and Ukraine. Some of the qualification matches are still going on and the final draw for the EURO 2012 matches will be announced on December 2, 2011. Please keep watching this space for regular updates on these football championships.

There are 4 cities in Poland which will be hosting the matches and 4 in Ukraine.

Poland venues for EURO 2012

Ukraine Venues for EURO 2012

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nike T90 Seitiro ball for the Barclay's EPL

The new Nike T90 Seitiro ball will be used for this season's Barclay's Premier League Football matches, as you all know the 2011-2012 season is under way.

The T90 Seitiro features include the Rapid Decision and Response Technology NIKE RaDaR, this will give the football players un rivalled touch and feel. To know more about this new Football ball, visit You can also get additional information on the new ball at

For more details on this release from Premier League please read:,,12306~2422343,00.html

Here is the launch video:

Sunday, August 14, 2011

List of Premier League Teams and their official websites

Find here the complete list of English Premier Football teams along with their official websites, you can find all the information related to the results of each of these Football clubs, their team standings, team and player news and ticket information to watch your favorite FC football game.

1. Bolton Wanderers -

2. Wolverhampton Wanderers -

3. Liverpool -

4. Norwich City -

5. Sunderland -

6. Wigan Athletic -

7. Arsenal -

8. Aston Villa -

9. Fulham -

10. Newcastle -

11. Chelsea -

12. Everton -

13. Manchester City -

14. Mancheter United FC -

15. Stoke City -

16. Swansea City -

17. Tottenham Hotspur FC -

18. WBA - West Bromwich Albanion -

19. Blackburn Rovers -

20. QPR - Queen Park Rangers Football Club -

Premier League Football Points Table

Latest EPL Football Team standings and points table

As you all are aware the premier league 2011-2012 season has started this week (August 2nd week) and there are many matches being scheduled every week. Here are some important pointers for you to check the updated Premier League Points Table. Read here for the updated EPL Football team standings -

This is from the office EPL football site and can be seen at:,,12306,00.html

You can see both the results and points of Home and Away matches of each Football club in the English Premier League.

There are 20 teams playing the EPL this season.